Friday, October 13, 2006

Exciting Thursday night

I did just about nothing yesterday.  I went home all ready to do stuff and ended up not doing much at all.   I got the laundry done, I tidied the kitchen, and I made dinner.  Dinner was good despite taking forever to thaw the chicken.   Our favorite butcher usually packs the meat in little bundles that are meal size for two, one double chicken breast, 1 pound of ground beef, two t-bone steaks, etc.  For some reason this time they went for 2 double chicken breast in one package that we froze without noticing, so to defrost takes 14 min rather then 6 and I had to cook the other half anyway because it was already thawed out.   It delayed dinner about 15 min but who wants raw chicken...  I ended up falling asleep in the middle of Battle Star Glactica so hopefully Lars kept that one (even though it was old).


This weekend is stress free crown J  We are not fighting, just watching, so I need to pack but nobody will care what we wear.   I'm going to bring our nice chairs since we will have room because we won't have thrones in the car.  I don't think I'm going to bother with a rug or anything else, just munchies, garb, and chairs.   We are leaving at 5:30 am to get there and hope to leave either right before or right after court (depending on who wins).  I finished the Who's Who yesterday and I'm running off 25 copies at a time.   This year there is a crossword puzzle and the answers are all the names of the combatants and consorts so hopefully people like it.  I didn't have space to make the list tree so I printed it on a separate piece and it will be an insert.   Hope to get it all folded and inserts inserted tonight at T&K's.  I'm only making 100 this year because I doubt I will sell more and I'm tired of having too many leftover like other years.   If anyone wants one after they are sold out I'll email it to them.


I hear the weather is supposed to be nicer this weekend so I am going to plant bulbs and get the house winterized on Sunday.  

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