Sunday, October 15, 2006

Garden good news bad news

I'm digging up my flower bed because someone told me to divide my tulips.

Good news, almost every bulb had 2-3 babies :)
Bad news, I've found 4 bulbs full of grubs and tons of grubs in the soil.

I'm pulling out all the good bulbs and I'm going to treat the ground with grub killer and then replanted them all. I also got all my crocus planted, I used drinking straws to mark where they are so I could make a 'random' pattern. I tried to just toss them out and plant them where they fell but they are tiny and the same color as leaves so I would toss then have to play find the bulb. Some lucky squirrel will get a few that I could not find... I even planted a dozen in my across the street neighbors flower bed so she will get a little surprise in the spring.

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