Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good test results

In class last night the teacher said that he was intending to put a curve on the exam but (as always) someone was a curve buster.   He only graded half the tests because he had technical difficulties...  He was not there last week and he had asked the university to collect the exams and photocopy them and send them to his office.   They agreed but when they sent them he only got the fronts of the paper so anyone who wrote on both sides of the paper the other side was just missing.   I e-mailed mine in so he had it but I understand that it is kinda hard to make a curve when you can't grade all the tests.  Anyway, he said that for the essays he only wrote a grade down if you got a 10, otherwise he was still thinking, and there was one person, the curve wrecker, that got all 10's on the essays.   He handed back the tests and I didn't even look at the essays because I was distracted by the questions I got wrong because there are 3 I need to argue about but when I did look at the essays there were 5 +10's so I guess I got the A.   I did work hard and study and come prepared so I'm glad he liked my answers.  There was one guy who finished the exam a whole hour early, I am very nosy about what his grade is because he obviously didn't get all 10s on his essays but he is a smart guy so I'm sure he did fine.   The teacher was slightly miffed that anyone finished an hour early so I don't know how that will color his grading.  I finished about 2 min before the end and I was worried about the last essay because I had to cut it a little short.


Lars got sushi for us for dinner, and fancy raspberry desserts.  We watched fun tv and I fell asleep half way through battlestar but he didn't delete it so I'll watch tonight.   Today we are getting cable so we don't have to worry about when it rains or is too misty out or whatever makes the dish randomly not work.  The downside is that the Tivo (real brand name Tivo) won't be in today so I'm not positive the direct tv tivo knockoff will still work for the week between.   We might have to watch TV on a regular schedule with no pausing!  We will survive I'm sure.


No firm weekend plans yet but November looks busy.  Anyone else have good weekend plans?


Liz said...

Congrats on the test. Good news!

This weekend P and I are driving to Appleton, WI to visit with his folks who are in town for a reunion dinner. We are staying the night in a hotel Sat and heading back Sunday. We are going to stop in Chippewa Falls to visit my folks before going home.

I want to get home early enough to do some decorating outside.

eightk said...

Weekend? Here we go:

After work tonight I am popping in to the happy hour for one of my co-workers. Then I get to go home (and pray that the costume I ordered has arrived), make skippy, get dressed in my costume, go to my grad school literary journal reading/launch party/costume party. Then I am headed over to my friend Luke's house for a Halloween Party (which is why I was making the skippy -- Kelly will take it over there since I will be late).

Tomorrow my cousin, who is on the football team for John Hopkins, is playing at Ursinus, so I'm going to go see him play. Saturday night Kelly and I are dressing up again and going into the city for Gay Bingo. Oh, and I just remembered, before the football game Kelly and I age going to this huge church rummage sale.

Sunday I have grad work to do during the day and then in the evening my other cousin is playing a music gig at a local Irish center, so I am going to go to that.

My god, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.