Friday, October 20, 2006

I had a really strange dream.  I dreamt that I had three kids but my oldest was 13ish and the youngest was 2 but I was exactly the same as I am now and just woke up to a bunch of kids needing to get ready for school.   Lars was helping and kept looking at me like I was crazy because I had no idea what was going on.  I'm pretty glad I woke up because it was like the move Family Man and fairly disturbing.


I was still sorta out of it but got ready for work and was ahead of schedule and I opened the door and saw our neighbor's dog sleeping in their driveway.   This dog is not allowed to roam and her paws were all muddy so she must have been out all night.  I called the neighbors but they usually don't wake up until about 9 so I spent about 10 min first wondering what I should do, then calling and then ringing the bell.   I was about to go look for their garage code when the neighbor opened the door and looked very surprised to find the dog outside with me. I don't know if I really should have put so much effort into getting her back into the house but I thought the neighbors would be upset if they couldn't find her and as soon as she saw me she ran across the street so I had no grantee she would not start chasing cars for fun.   So my weird morning got more weird but now it is just about an average Friday. ( I have 7 hours to go and I'm not super motivated but I'm sure I'll get something done.   )


As always, I have a very long list of household chores to do.  Nothing actually got done over the past two days...   Top of the list at this point is to take all the straws off the lawn, they have caused enough trouble J  I am hoping to do all the windows on Sunday and to burn a bunch of cardboard from our patio furniture box and generally get the garage ready to park cars in again.   Oh yeah, and we need to call someone about the garage door opener, I think it's been almost a year now....  Event tomorrow but it is local so I might even get some stuff done Sat night.

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