Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We went to fight practice last night.  We go every few weeks and last time I went there was nobody to talk to. This time I decided I would bring my homework and there are tons of people to talk to!   I only got 1 chapter out of 3 read so I guess I know what I'm doing at lunch today.  Today I am trying to solve the work problems of yesterday... I am at the offsite office so I won't be bothered too much and I'll have time to make lists etc.   I have plenty of other work too but this is serious enough (and nobody else is doing it) that I'll give it a try.


Plans for this weekend are in flux.  Personally I was going to decorate for Halloween, do some house stuff, and maybe start a new dress for me.   Lars is thinking about an event but I'm not sure what one.  I might stay home and let the guys go alone, I need an SCA break for a week.   I am also making a cool outfit for Ambrose who helped us out a ton, I need to go find fabric for that so there is likely a trip to SR  - anyone want to come?   While I'm there I want to pick up fabric for curtains for the down down stairs doorways that have no doors.  My long term plan was Shoji screens but that hasn't happened and I can make drapes in about an hour.

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Knit Knot said...

SR Harris - pick me - pick me.