Monday, October 16, 2006

LAL (laugh at Lars)

Lars just called and asked if I saw all the straws on our lawn and how did they get there.  He followed up with "what are crocuses?"   I promise, I have told him about this, he was with me when I bought the bulbs, he even came outside multiple times yesterday while I was planting.   I suppose not noticing for 24 hours isn't too bad.  I will bet anyone that when the bloom he will either not notice them or ask how they got there.  


Knit Knot said...

Well - the yard isn't where you normally store your straws so you should be surprised he noticed at all.

Anonymous said...

We have a rule that if I make a decorating change and Vlad doesn't notice it for 3 weeks he can't decide he hates it. Because if it really bothered im that much he would have noticed it earlier.

P said...

We stopped by tonight. Vlad asked "Why the hell are there straws in the yard?" It took a fair amount of explaining to get him to realize why I thought that was so damn funny.