Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The 15 min is back!

Mood: Hopeful
Weather: gray but warm, been in the 80's
Gas: $ 2.20
Reading: law stuff

Lars and I both cleaned the whole house for the party and we didn’t just shove things in closets or in the garage, we really threw out stuff or really put it away in the right spot. After the party, clean up was not so bad and Sunday we just were lazy (but not too messy). Yesterday, the house was looking a little untidy again so I said “how about 15 min tonight?” meaning we both clean for 15 min together. We tried this a few months ago and it worked most days but then Lars changed jobs and got too busy/stressed but now he is used to it and having a nice clean house is nice. You would be amazed what 15 x 2 people really can get done. By the third day, you are almost looking for things to do so extra things get done like windows or vacuuming. 15 min a day usually means I don’t need to spend 3 hours on a weekend catching up... Lets hope this one lasts :)

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