Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mouse incident

A long time ago I got over the fact that our cats insist on leaving dead mice for us.  Usually Lars takes care of the remains and sometime MR Pink (the cat) takes care of 99% of the remains and just leaves us some tiny organs.  I would prefer to not ever see it but at least we are confident a mouse will never live in our house.   Last night was on the warm side but it was drizzling and when I heard a loud insistent meow to be let in by Pink I decided not to make him wait and went down and opened the door.   He dropped a mouse on the doorstep and sauntered over to his cat food.  Doocie, the kitten, noticed that the mouse was not dead so she ran past me and promptly picked it up and brought it in.   It was a good thing the mouse was pretty stunned because I really did not want a mouse hunt thought the house.  I picked it up by the tail and threw it out the back door.   Poor thing hit the rail of the deck and was still alive.  The cats were after it again so I had to touch the mouse (again!) and throw it out into the yard.   It was a pretty cute fat little mouse with a lot of fur, I feel bad my cats hunt such cute things.  Anyway, Mr. Pink finishes his snack and goes to look for his mouse and give me a dirty look for messing with it.   He then stayed out until about midnight, probably terrorizing the mouse community.


Other then that I outlined 5 chapters and have 6 to go

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