Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slow day in blog land

It feels like nobody out there is posting much today or yesterday... all the blogs I read either didn’t post or posted something short so I had nothing to read with my coffee. I had to resort to reading the news and that is never all that fun. Anyone have any good reads I can add to my list?

Work is slowing down for the holiday season. There are lots of housekeeping things to do but there should not be any screaming issues until atleast Jan 8th when the lines come back up. I’m at a bit of a loss with no crisis to deal with but I know that I should use this time to get ahead on all the little things.

Last night I got all the presents that needed mailing wrapped and packed and Lars mailed them today. Hopefully everything survives the trip but I have a feeling that my wrapping paper might not look all that fresh and crisp when it gets where its going. In the interest of space, I did not put any clothing in boxes, they are all just wrapped. One year I went nuts with very special wrapping with ribbons and bows and everything looked really nice and I don’t think anyone (in Lars’s family) noticed. I even spent 20 min wrapping a box that would open without ripping the paper and all the lines lined up and I gave it to Lars’s mom and she just ripped right into it. I think my family is unique in that the wrapping is part of the gift (sometimes). Other people I know go one step further and match the wrapping paper and style to the person and the gift, that is just a little too much investment in wrapping paper for me but I really appreciate her efforts. Anyway, so far I have gone through 3 rolls of wrapping paper from Ikea. It is nice thick paper in cool coordinating colors so it makes a pretty pile of presents. Lars was going to help and he really just is not all that good at it so he was demoted to tape dispensing and label writing. It went pretty fast as a team effort, a human tape dispenser is a nice asset to marathon wrapping sessions. Tonight I need to wrap a bit more but I really really really want to decorate the tree. Both Lars and I are home so I think it might happen.

I turned in my final exam yesterday with 20min to spare and I thought I did a good job. I got into work today and was cleaning up my desktop and closed the word doc with a part of the exam and it asked me if I wanted to save. The very ugly thought occurred at that point that I sent a draft version yesterday and so I checked and yes, I had sent a draft. Thank goodness that I had actually answered all the questions but they were still a bit rough and I reworded and cleaned up a bunch of stuff in the final version. I sent a note with the real copy to my teacher and hopefully he understands. If he insists on using the old version I won’t fail or anything but if he reads both he will see that I wasn’t using the 10 hours in between when it was due and when I resent to rewrite since the changes are pretty minor. Not worth worrying over really but I feel a bit stupid over the mistake...

So otherwise not much new going on. SCA travel is virtually nonexistent until Jan and then it is just a small event. Most of the happenings are real life stuff, my birthday, travel home for Christmas, Cancun in Jan, China in Feb, eye surgery in March... busy in a way but mellow otherwise. Maybe I’ll have a new years party or something fun, have to run that by Lars but I’m not really happy unless I’m planning something 

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Liz said...

You can always read my site. Yesterday's post was cute pictures of the cats.