Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hello Mom!

Mood: fine
Weather: dark

My title is for Mom who I hope can make blogger work for her. Today was run of the mill average for work. Lars stayed home yesterday to insure we actually got internet, phone and TV out of the liars at Quest. It took a while on the phone with customer service to make the internet actually work but now it does.

Good news for the job front. The interview seemed to go well. The company is looking for 4 buyers but I don't fit the criteria for any of them perfectly - rather I have elements of all 4 but none dead on. Hopefully they like me and hire me and I can run away from here... They want a second interview for Friday - need to unpack the suit.

Check out the link, it is very funny even if slightly unseasonal. We still have our sad tree up and I'm going to leave it up for a while because I think it is sad when people rip down every shred of Christmas the day after it is done. Our block looks like a dead tree farm because they are all on the curb already.

Yesterday I stopped at the apt and took another load, only one good trip left and I still need to fill in holes and vacuum. Maybe Friday, Lars has off and we can do it together. I want to disassemble the fake fireplace I made and take it home so I can practice routering on it. I got a huge set from my parents for birthchristmas and I need to practice so I don't mess up good wood. If all goes well I want to make a kitty condo out of the extra wood and carpet we ripped out of the bedroom. The flooring for the bedroom should be at the house today - tomorrow at the latest, it had a long drive from FL to get here.

ok, I've spent enough time at work today. Nobody really knows if I'm over here or not because I'm the last one on this side of the building (Phil is actually still employed here but on vacation). I just feel a little guilty leaving too early. Also, if I leave too early, I end up sitting in the worst of the traffic.

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