Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kate MacMenamin - google - rude bosses

Just want to see if I can google myself.... When I do it now all you get are race times from running XC at Cabrini. I'm also killing time before a meeting that was supposed to be at 1:30 but some people don't now the definition of being on time for meetings.... My current (soon to be former) boss has horrible people skills. As in, when you are in his office, at his request for something, he will answer both office phones and his cell phone and he NEVER says 'Sorry, I was waiting for that' or apologize for his rudeness at all. He also constantly postpones meetings, I may as well figure that we might meet anywhere form 10min later to a week later for any given meeting. It is good for the universe that he is not going to be a manager at his next job, he doesn't value people and I'm glad I am patient or I would have joined the ranks of people who can't stand him. He really is a good and smart person, just no social knowledge or value of other peoples time. I bet that during this meeting - whenever it finally starts - he will answer the phone at least 3 times. The subject of this meeting is dividing his duties to the 'team'.... I am the only one left on the team so I feel it may dump on me. Pray for a new job, happy thoughts.

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