Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I just ate week old popcorn

Mood: normal
Weather: frosty

To explain the title... We have a popcorn machine at work, a big one, and occasionally they make popcorn. Well my lunch today was unsatisfying and about 45 min ago I smell popcorn so I finish the invoice I was working and go on down. I went to the machine, got some, and was leaving when Leone (the lady who usually makes the popcorn) walked in so I said thanks etc for making the popcorn and she said she didn't make it. So she looks at the machine and declared it was from last week and someone must have just made microwave popcorn. I tasted the week old stuff and it seemed fine so I ate it :)

I have to also note the frosty weather. It is actually pretty warm out, around 40, but the trees and bushes are all still below freezing and moisture in the air is freezing on the bushes and trees. It looks very cool like there is frosting on everything. I'm sure it won't last long but I get a good view of a tree out my window (I'm at tree top height).

Job news, well, I'm scheduled for a 4 HOUR interview on Friday from 8am until noon. I better get this job! I think I'm meeting with half the company but at least I get a tour. It's a snow mobile company and at the moment the site is 25 min away but they are moving in the next few months to the town directly north of me. I would love to have a 10 min commute - hey, I would love a half hour commute. The hour in the car can be use for books on tape or keeping up with the mundane trivia that DJs feel compelled to expound on but I think I can find something to do with that time!

Ok, books, I'm still plodding through 'The beautiful Visit' and it is interesting and dull at the same time. They ruthlessly killed off a character - it is WWI era and the main character fell instantly in love with a boy she knew when she was younger when he was home on leave. He really was a great character and they have a perfect little relationship in the 3 days he has leave and then he goes back to the front. This is basically the only interesting thing happening in about 100 pages so you expect some pineing and an eventual reunion - nope - she misses him and waits for a letter and gets one about a week later and so she basks in the glow for a couple days and writes him back only to casually flip though the paper and see that he is on the list of dead from a week ago. So he died the day he mailed the letter! Aside from being really sad it was pretty mean of the author to kill of the first good thing in 100 pages. Very rude. I read 'A Farewell to Arms' by Hemingway a few moths ago and it has the same sort of problem. Everything was fine then boom, kill of a few people and not make any big deal about it. I looked up the study guides to farewell to Arms and they claim Hemingway used rain as a device to show that bad things is absolutely random. I tend to agree but he really wrote a sad and unsatisfying book on the theme.

I'm also reading (and almost done) the Key books by Nora Roberts. They are shameless semi-romance books but they have an interesting mystical side. I do recommend these ones as an easy read so I won't give plot spoiling details...

Ok, I must resolve more invoice issues before I can go home. I don't understand why it is so hard to ship what is on an order and for receiving to check it in...

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