Friday, November 03, 2006

Big news - one day old

I completely forgot yesterdays big news.  The girl from work I sit next to and eat lunch with often had her baby on Nov 1 at 6pm.  She spent a lot of time, energy, and money making the nursery perfect for her little boy – right down to big block letters spelling out his name.   They had umpteen sonograms saying he was a boy and they were ready for a little pro base-foot-basket-ball player (according to the strong sports theme of his room).  Well, they had a girl.   She is really happy because either was really fine but it is just funny that after all that photo evidence he ended up a she.  Everyone at work was shocked and we are all fairly sure her poor husband was sent from the hospital to go paint the room pink.  


If I ever decorate a nursery I'm making all the design decisions based on what I want to look at.  Babies can't see much nor do they care what theme their room is but if I am the one up at 2 or 4 am I want nice things to look at.


Today I am at the offsite location so there is no knowing what might go on today. Sometimes it is super quiet and I get a ton done, sometimes not so much.


This weekend I again have no firm plans.  It is very cool to know I can just do any of my projects and not need to do anything more then grocery shop.  I hope to start some garb and put away the Halloween stuff, that's about it.


Any of you have good weekend plans?


Janis Gore said...

Sounds like a good design philosophy, Kate.

Don't forget the old saying, "When Mama is happy, everybody's happy."

Liz said...

I'm going to enable Giulia at IKEA. I'm bringing an empty van.

Anonymous said...

Eep! Suprise! Our ultrasound wasn't ambiguous at all, so I feel pretty safe. However...nothing is actually painted except the wooden letters that spell his name.