Friday, November 10, 2006

Date night and My blogging theory

I am very overwhelmed with the number of blogs out there.


I knew there would be tons, and I knew that mine is on the mundane side, but I'm just about shocked into silence with some of the things other people are going through.  There is one in particular that a man is watching his wife suddenly get so sick that she is almost dead.  Morbid topic but his writing is so easy to read.   I still read my favorites that are basically people I randomly choose to start reading and stuck with and then there are a few people that I actually know who I read to keep up with their life.  I keep finding more and more that I could spend all day reading but I don't and I won't but now that I know how many are out there and I'm sure the list is just the tip of the iceberg.


I have identified how my blog is different from others; I've said it before, I write half to keep my parents informed of my life and half as a record for myself of what I did or thought.  I don't write specifics about anyone other then Lars (and Lars is a pseudonym anyway) and I try not to talk about work since this is public.  I don't write any big news or air dirty laundry.   I don't link to hot news articles and I don't really have a theme, themes I've tried sorta get lost.  I doubt I will ever be a blogger superstar but I don't really need to be, I have a fun life and plenty of friends and I don't need the internet to need me.   I have my real name published because I don't mind at all if an old friend googles me I want them to find out what I'm doing.  I don't really even mind an old enemy finding me either since I only write pretty positive stuff.  


So thanks to those who read, it makes me feel cool that people I don't know or only know a little read me and it makes it easier to write my little observation and stories.   To the people I know – I'm glad I'm worth checking in on.  Who knows, I might get more interesting with time.


Anyway, enough navel gazing, back to my life ~

Last night Lars and I went to see the comic Demetri Martin.  The show was in the cities so we left ourselves an extra half hour to park and we got there in plenty of time.  The theater itself was very nice but on the small side.  Sadly, I have sat in more spacious coach airline seats...   The crowd was a very interesting mix of regular couple like Lars and I (clean cut, dressed up a little but not over the top, and young), Freaks and Geeks, (hard to tell from just looking at them but they are the pink hair, outrageous outfits, or outfits that just didn't work), and families – tons of teens and tweens for a show that started at 8pm.  The teenage boy next to me smelled very very very bad and had bad breath and thought this show was the funniest thing ever and kept laughing really loud and knee slapping.  He also started spreading into my space since I leaned over on Lars to avoid his smell.  The show itself was good.  There were two other comics and the first one was very fun and the second was kinda dull.  The main act had all new material and that was good since we recently saw a comedy central special.   He is half physica/propl half observational comedy.   I left feeling like he would be a cool person to hang out with, he had a good stage presence and even not comic stuff he did was funny like when his equipment was almost making feedback he just sorta started talking to the sound guy.  He was very cool about the whole showbiz thing.  On reflection, I'm glad we went because the live show was different then a comedy central special but watching it on tv has a lot of advantages too.  The best part really was leaving the house with just Lars and going to do something fun and I think he felt the same way.  For that reason, I would go again and have a good time.


Two more hours of work til the weekend.... time to blitz the e-mail so I don't have to work over the weekend.

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