Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday again

I hope everyone liked my guest writer, Lars did well and he didn't even complain too much.  


Yesterday I did both sleeves for the outfit I'm making for Ambrose, ate dinner, and fell asleep.  Sitting in a car for 5 hours is tiring.  Today I need to do homework and reading for class and I need to mail a bunch of packages.  I also hope to make some more progress on the outfit and maybe cut something new out for me.  At some point this week I would like to do the Christmas lights but I think that will probably wait until the weekend but the weather is so warm I want to get it done before it turns arctic.  I won't turn the lights on for at least another week but getting them up there is the fun part.  


Household item – this weekend I changed all the felt pads on my kitchen table and chairs, they were starting to mark the floor so I pried off the old one and put nice new ones on. I should probably do this more then once a year but I never remember, I'll put it on my calendar for next year.  


Only a few more days of National Blog posting month, it has been fun and I promise to keep posting but just maybe not every day on the weekends.

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