Thursday, November 09, 2006

I note about an ass from college

My day was going well, great actually.  People are e-mailing me back quick, I called Lars and the garage door now opens and shuts with the touch of a button and I even had intelligent discourse about the issues up for vote today at lunch.   I took my mile walk after lunch and since the pregnant lady isn't slowing us down we get done much faster so I went to check in on some websites I like including Mike's.  Mike if a fabulous writer and always has been, he writes the out there creative stuff that is just fun to read.  I read his site for the humor (or irony) not because he tells the world what he is up to like most blogs I like to read.   I occasionally, over the past 6 years, call or e-mail him to keep in touch and I believe he reads here every so often.  Anyway, I also choose to keep contact with a few other college friends via blog or phone and there are a few I ask about but I don't actually keep in good touch and then there were those I was just fine to never think about again.


One such gentleman decided to post a comment on Mike's site referring to me by a nickname that I loathed.  I made no secret about hating it and any that cared stopped using it.  Seeing it again just annoyed me.  I gave the matter some thought (maybe a whole 60 seconds) and it comes down to the fact that this guy was never very smart and this stupid insult is the only clever thing he could come up with.  He always was a pseudo-intellectual and when it comes right down to it I feel bad for him.  He was a non entity to me for most of college, we were in the same group of friends, but he evolved into a smug ass and I think it is all a defense mechanism to cover up for his insecurities.  I read a few of his posts and see that he really hasn't changed, he does not seem to have moved away from his 150 mile zone in Pa where he has spent his whole life.  Looks like he was just left by another girl, I skimmed his profile and see that he is putting that college education to work in security and that more or less he hasn't grown up.


I'm not looking fabulous here myself by this little rant but after that first minute of annoyance I could not stop my morbid curiosity at what had become of him so I clicked.  Posting this is on the petty side but I'm sure he will get satisfaction that he got some sort of attention and I got to mock him just a bit.


On an unrelated topic – don't forget to vote today J

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